Automatically saving a game on Retropie save state

How to save game in Retropie state and install heatsink on Raspberry pi 3


With people who love playing retro-games and technology, Retropie and Raspberry Pi 3 are two very familiar items. Raspberry Pi 3 is a tiny and affordable computer that is very useful for us while Retropie is an operating system that can help us turn Raspberry Pi 3 into a retro-gaming machine. When you own both …

George Michael Die

The Famous Wham! Singer: How Did George Michael Die


On August 4, 2018, Fadi – George Michael boyfriend has written in his Twitter account “George I hate you” before publishing another tweet appearing to repeat his announcement that George killed himself although the senior coroner said that the famous musician died of natural origin. George Michael – the well-known musician and singer passed away …

Millionaire hides treasure chest full of gold on the mountain, challenges civilians to find it


Forrest Fenn had buried a large amount of treasure filled with gold, diamonds and rubies on a mountain range and so far no one has found it. Somewhere in the Rockies, North America, a treasure chest worth millions of dollars is buried. Forrest Fenn (87) said he buried the treasure here in 2010 as a …

About Stephen A. Douglas

Discover the Dark Freeport Doctrine in the USA History


The Supreme Court had created in the 1857 Dred Scott case that Congress possessed no rights to ban slavery in the countries and colonies. To clarify, Congress could both straightly prohibit national slavery and deviously by giving the power national lawmakers to enact the prohibition. At the debate about the Freeport Doctrine in 1858, Lincoln …

Top Underrated DS Games


Although the appearance of Nintendo’s latest handheld is attracting lots of gamers, some of the top underrated DS games still become a favorite nowadays. Indeed, it’s been more than 10 years since Nintendo launched its first Nintendo DS, or “Dual Screen,” creating a great platform with tons of awesome games. And the underrated games on …

Speedify review: A unique VPN


A lot of people have numerous ways to be online nowadays. Not only by working with different devices but also by consuming specific connections, such as a network of home and a mobile provider’s 3G or a 4G network. The Speedify comes from Connectify put an effort to dictate this phenomenon with a particular feature …

20 years happy marriage of David and Victoria Beckham with 4 children


When Victoria and David Beckham got together more than 20 years ago, they defined “power couple.” Always attending events with the whole brood, David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and adorable little Harper gives us serious. Internationally renowned pop star meets the planet’s sexiest soccer player. What could go wrong?The former Victoria Adams first spied the …

Thor’s ex-girlfriend may appear in the Avengers with tremendous power


Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo recently revealed the surviving characters in Avengers 4, both of whom implied that Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, was still alive and she might return to the MCU. After a painful battle with Thanos, half of the universe and some superheroes sacrificed. The audience has not yet become astonished at …

Forget the super hero, these are games that allow you to play as a “bad guy”.


These games are exploiting an interesting content, which is to put players in the position of the villains in the eyes of everyone. Playing a hero who rescues a princess or even rescues the whole world is probably a familiar scenario with so many games, but some other games exploit another interesting one: give the …