Millionaire hides treasure chest full of gold on the mountain, challenges civilians to find it

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Forrest Fenn had buried a large amount of treasure filled with gold, diamonds and rubies on a mountain range and so far no one has found it.

Somewhere in the Rockies, North America, a treasure chest worth millions of dollars is buried. Forrest Fenn (87) said he buried the treasure here in 2010 as a “challenge” for people to look for.

Fenn, a former fighter pilot who fought in the Vietnam War estimated that some 350,000 people have been searching for the treasure, according to CNBC Make It.

He adds that there is no way to know whether someone is near the treasure or not. “The treasure can either be found soon or 1,000 years from now,” he said.

“No one knows where the treasure is except me,” Fenn told NPR in 2016. Even his wife did not know the secret location. “If I die tomorrow then this secret will follow me to the grave.”

The only main clue that Fenn gave lies in the 24-line poem he wrote in his memoir “The Thrill of the Chase.”

The poem reads: “Begin it where warm waters halt. / And take it in the canyon down, / Not far, but too far to walk. / Put in below the home of Brown.”

“Read the clues in my poem and study the map of the Rocky Mountains,” Fenn told Business Insider. “Then try to connect these two. The treasure lays waiting for you to link all the details. “

The treasure chest is said to be filled with emeralds, rubies, gold coins and diamonds – all of the artifacts that archaeologist Fenn accumulated during his expeditions. The total weight of this item is 18kg.

Fenn said some treasure hunters are obsessed with this. “Most of the time I spend 12 hours every night going to Google or somewhere else to find clues.” said Ricky Idlett, a treasure hunter from Mississippi. There are even some online forums that share theories about where Mr. Fenn’s treasure might be.

Fenn said he received 100 emails a day, according to the New York Times. Once, he had to call the police after someone came to his home and threatened him.

“Someone called me and threatened me saying:  ‘Tell me where the treasure is right now or I’ll kill you’” Fenn said.

And for some people, the quest to find the treasure led them to their deaths. At least four people were believed to have died from an accident while searching for it. This prompted some to urge Fenn to end the challenge. However, he did not do so and instead only gave more clues to try and keep people safe.

“The treasure is not hidden under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River. There is no need to move large boulders or climb up and down steep slopes “, he wrote. “Remember that I was 80 years old when I hid the treasure.”

“This treasure hunt was supposed to be fun”, he added.

When he saw hundreds of thousands of people looking for the treasure, Fenn told CNBC that hiding it “was a successful endeavor that went beyond his imagination.”


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