The Disappearance of the Hulu Daily Show

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Shows at late nights have brought politics head-on, particularly in later years, with The Hulu Daily Show giving service as the queen of the kingdom for most of its post-Killborn time. Together with Donald Trumps as the President currently, an individual would suppose the thirst for that type of show is even more spoken out (between certain statistics). However, in case that one person who is looking for The Daily Show at its streaming-concentrated second base at Hulu will be upset, as a primary agreement expiration means this long series will in no time entirely disappear from the service.

To be more clear, the reason for this disappearance is explainable. A broad licensing agreement between Hulu and Comedy Central parent Viacom has closed and Viacom is currently drawing its content from the streaming services. The performance like the “@midnight” has soon already unseen from Hulu completely, while the rest catalog episodes from such programs like Hulu Daily Show and the other shows from Viacom net like Logo and so on are arranged to be closed soon.

This might seem like a biting and extremely clear answer. However, it is originally the only answer at this time, since The Daily Show may take a time to catch sights of a new home on any independent streaming services. Comedy Central’s parent company, Viacom, possessed an agreement going with Hulu which brought a broad number of series below its wing, definitely containing The Daily Show. As soon as that agreement closed recently, new episodes of the chat shows at nights paused broadcasting in daily lineups of Hulu, together with all previous episodes will soon be cleared. Plenty of other Comedy Central blockbusters like Chappelles’s Show and so on are already gone away, so it isn’t only the fans of Hulu Daily Show in Hulu’s follower base that demand to begin heading to Comedy Central’s official site to stream new parts.

We have once witness agreement troubles like this before. However, this seems to be a bit various, since Variety reports Viacom’s CEO Bob Bakish spoke during a latter meeting call that the firm will take its concentration away from cooperations with SVOD suppliers to cope more straighly with streaming bundle services from areas like Sling TV, which is nearer to how stuff already used with cable and satellite firms. It is an increasing tendency, with lesser large money syndication deals taking place on linear TV. This has affected the number of money SVOD services are carrying out for exclusive rights to performances. Performances like Key and Peele and so on have noninclusive one-off agreements. Thus, they will remain at Hulu. Nonetheless, the Hulu Daily Show is not in that case.

Bakish’s confirmed target is to build up the pay television ecological. This particularly means that the firm is demanding to earn more money by putting its whole pay-TV bundle for sale. He continued to praise new entrances like DirecTV Now and so on as motivation for alteration. However, the message was clarified: Going straight, Viacom demands to double down on its bundle and insists on being more picky with SVOD licensing agreements. This also means that the Hulu Daily Show and the other shows are taken off currently and they will not come back on the service soon.

Amusingly, those new internet television entrances also contain Hulu. And Hulu is arranged to release its pay TV service in the upcoming months. Hulu has told that it demands to impose users for $40 for a base package. The firm has officially informed cooperations with CBS, Disney, Turner, and Fox for its live TV service. However, it has yet to think whether it demands Comedy Central and other networks of Viacom take park in its bundle.

In case of being charged for $40 per base package, one has to think about whether Hulu can make these numbers be profitable given that it contains Viacom’s package of 20+ networks. In addition, Hulu would not be lonely to bring up a slim bundle without its parent.


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