Thor’s ex-girlfriend may appear in the Avengers with tremendous power

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Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo recently revealed the surviving characters in Avengers 4, both of whom implied that Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, was still alive and she might return to the MCU.

After a painful battle with Thanos, half of the universe and some superheroes sacrificed. The audience has not yet become astonished at this outcome, and many others are curious about who has disappeared, who survived to continue with the war. In the latest interview, the Russo brothers have mentioned some of the favorite female names that survived after Thanos’s large-scale genocide.

1. Aunt May

The first is Aunt May of Marisa Tomei – this is the youngest aunt May on the screen. Although only briefly appearing in Captain America: Civil War, this female character has attracted many male fans. After the death of his grandson Peter, how will she be shocked?

2. Female warriors in the Wankanda

In addition, female warriors in the Wankanda kingdom also survived as the Shuri genius, General Okoye, Nakia … maybe these characters will appear in the Avengers 4 with certain roles.

3. Thor’s ex-girlfriend

More specifically, the two directors confirmed that Jane Foster was still alive. Surely she will have a special role in the next movie. The character of actress Natalie Portman made its final appearance in 2013, in the movie “Thor: The Dark World.” Jane Foster is Thor’s lover from Thor’s first part, and the Thunder God has admitted that they had “broken up” from Thor: Ragnarok.

a. “Behind the scenes” of Thor: The Dark World

Actually, the relationship between Natalie Portman and MCU has been a lot of trouble. During the filming of “Thor: The Dark World” was quite messy and left a lot of “perversion” between Portman and MCU. But Marvel has made significant changes since then, and is currently being run by Kevin Feige. As a result, in February this year, Portman also confirmed that she was ready to return to MCU.

It is fairly easy to understand why Jane Foster can participate in Avengers 4 events. She is truly one of the Earth’s leading astronomers, a scientist who has enough experience to detect “the abnormalities” that occur in the universe. She is also one of the few people in the Earth who have experience of extraterrestrial civilizations. After all, Jane is no stranger to Asgard. That knowledge could turn her into a great force in the battle against Thanos.

b. Jane is also a Thunder God

Not only that, in the comic book version, Jane has had a long time playing the role of a “goddess of thunder.”Once Thor loses control of the Mjolnir hammer, he calls himself Odinson, and he uses an axe called Jarnbjorn as a weapon.

And at that time, Jane Foster, lover of Thor on Earth, who is struggling with cancer, found Mjolnir. Jane was selected by the hammer as the new candidate worthy of the Thunder God’s power.With the power of Thunder in hand, Jane has replaced Thor’s mission as a guardian of Earth, a member of the Avengers, and a human messenger despite Odin’s disagreement.

Can’t wait to see the return of this character right? She may be an important factor in defeating Thanos and saving the universe from extinction. However, everything is still just speculation, we have to wait until the Avengers 4 is released to know the progress of this great war.




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