Avicii’s tragic: Timeless Music and died of Alcohol.

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Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, was a Swedish musician, DJ, remixer and record producer.

Bergling began his EDM career at age 16 by posting his remixes in online forums of electronic music, which led him to sign his first record label deal. His debut studio album, True (2013) received generally positive reviews from music critics.

The Swedish musician was found dead on Friday in Oman at the age of 28, as a tragic of his drinking alcohol life.

From a Dance music icon…

Bergling was a member of the Laidback Luke Forums, where he refined his craft and, at times, demonstrated his distinct deep house style. In 2010, Bergling released the hit song “Seek Bromance”, which reached the top 20 in several countries across Europe.

In 2011, Bergling released “Levels”, which launched him into the mainstream and in 2012, his collaboration track “Sunshine” with David Guetta was nominated for a Grammy award under the category for Best Dance Recording.

March 2013, Bergling announced and premiered many new tracks from his new album True, which would later be set to be released in September, during his Main Stage set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. In July 2014, Bergling told Rolling Stone that he had worked on 70 songs for his next album Stories, which would include collaborations with Jon Bon Jovi, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, etc.

To early retirement due to health issue:

Avicii’s retirement from touring in March 2016 shocked the world, he seemed to reluctantly acknowledge this in his emotional open letter to fans, writing “one part of me can never say never, I could be back… but I won’t be right back.”

But it’s clear that Bergling always felt more comfortable in the studio than the spotlight. Even while playing main stages, he sometimes seemed to be more present within the music than the moment: eyes closed, mouthing lyrics without a microphone, his fingers flailing in chord progressions over phantom instruments.

“To me it was something I had to do for my health,” Avicii told The Hollywood Reporter of his decision in April 2016. “The scene was not for me. It was not the shows and not the music… I’m more of an introverted person in general. It was always very hard for me. I took on board too much negative energy, I think.”

Committed suicide at the age 28:

Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman on April 20 at the age of 28. The report alleged Avicii cut himself with a broken bottle of wine and bled to death after years of substance abuse and depression.

Throughout his career, Avicii had struggled with his mental and physical health. In 2014, he had his gallbladder and appendix removed. He also revealed that he drank alcohol for self-confidence and suffered with anxiety.

Avicii did admitted he feared for his health in a clip from Avicii: True Stories documentary.

During the clip, he expressed his concerns of dying if his hectic tour schedule didn’t slow down. He said: “I have said, ‘Like, I’m going to die’. I have said it so many times. And so I don’t want to hear that I should entertain the thought of doing another gig.”


“As a dance music icon, he touched the lives of millions around the world, and broke down barriers between genres like dance music and country,” Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insomniac and Electric Daisy Carnival, tells Billboard. “He helped our culture make an impact on the mainstream that will never be forgotten.”

Despite the toll the scene took on him, Avicii’s outlook on the electronic music stayed optimistic until the end. Even as he pulled back from the public eye, he remained committed to pushing the genre forward and breaking down boundaries.

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