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Top Underrated DS Games


Although the appearance of Nintendo’s latest handheld is attracting lots of gamers, some of the top underrated DS games still become a favorite nowadays. Indeed, it’s been more than 10 years since Nintendo launched its first Nintendo DS, or “Dual Screen,” creating a great platform with tons of awesome games. And the underrated games on …

Speedify review: A unique VPN


A lot of people have numerous ways to be online nowadays. Not only by working with different devices but also by consuming specific connections, such as a network of home and a mobile provider’s 3G or a 4G network. The Speedify comes from Connectify put an effort to dictate this phenomenon with a particular feature …

Forget the super hero, these are games that allow you to play as a “bad guy”.


These games are exploiting an interesting content, which is to put players in the position of the villains in the eyes of everyone. Playing a hero who rescues a princess or even rescues the whole world is probably a familiar scenario with so many games, but some other games exploit another interesting one: give the …