Blizzard gave up on Diablo 3 Controller Support?

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According to Eurogamer, Matthew Berger – Blizzard senior level designer said: “It’s a bigger issue than just allowing players to use the controller on the PC”. Instead, on the PC version of Diablo 3, so far keyboard and mouse are strongly improved and considered come in handier than consoles. It sounds that Blizzard gave up on Diablo 3 controller support. Read more.

Not a coincident that designers and developers of Blizzard have redesigned several Diablo 3’s primary systems for the console. Because of this, they are unable to translate the controller to the PC and give the Diablo 3 controller support; it seems that they are stuck with this problem. The Diablo 3 on the PlayStation is different from the one on PC. This is no accident. You use the game controllers to play Diablo 3 on PlayStation and use mouse and keyboard to play it on PC. Until now in general comparison, due to the console the PlayStation version is said to be better than the PC’s. The game is much smoother; players are always able to relocate themselves on the field to direct the large groups of rivals coming their way.

As Mr. Berger makes the viewpoint clear, on PC version you are telling your character where to go and what to do when you are clicking and moving the mouse and this makes you a lot more stationary – this is definitely correct. On the contrary, it is obvious that you cannot really stay stationary when you use game controllers because you have to constantly control the thumb-stick to reposition your character. As a result, you’re drawn in the game more with the PlayStation version, and on PC without Diablo 3 controller support you lose a bit of focusing because of distraction from concentrating on the cursor instead of your character.

New movement performances for console players – Diablo 3 controller support are being developed. For example, to let you be able to escape danger zones fasters, easier and safely avoid unexpected meeting enemies as well as fatal attacks, the thumb-stick on the right of the gamepad helps you to tell your character to rolls. On PC when the enemies are all around you, what you have to do is just clicking somewhere and the game will automatically identify how to reach that safe zone. On console it is much more different: you cannot have that advantage and have to struggle on your own. That is why we really need the enhanced thumb-stick.

The integration, camera views, your enemies and many other things on consoles were changed to provide enough space for the new control system for Blizzard Diablo’s 3. To support controllers on the PC for Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS system ask for not only a plain patch. Together with some other changes, Diablo 3 has been separated into the two games – similar, but not exactly the same. This makes allowing players use the controller on PC is a big problem.

When you try both Play-station version and PC version and switch between them, you may find out that Diablo 3 on the PC is a more deliberate game. Your abilities are able to be queued up, you are provided with a broader scene overview and so you can be active in attack planning. You seem to be more passive, in a standby situation waiting to give responses to your enemy actions.

In conclusion, although the content and storyline are identical, they are more likely to be two different games. No matter which version you choose to play, it looks like are going to enjoy it.


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