Forget the super hero, these are games that allow you to play as a “bad guy”.

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These games are exploiting an interesting content, which is to put players in the position of the villains in the eyes of everyone.

Playing a hero who rescues a princess or even rescues the whole world is probably a familiar scenario with so many games, but some other games exploit another interesting one: give the player the characters are called “bad guys” in everyone’s eyes. Let’s take a look at these interesting games.

1. God of War

The gods always appear in almost every civilization in the world, and they are always worshiped and respected by humans. The image of the gods in the majority of people is positive and they have extraordinary strength to save the miserable people in the world.

However, the gods in the famous RPG game “God of War” is an exception when our main character Kratos is someone who “is not afraid of heaven, not afraid of the earth.” Kratos destroyed all of the gods on Olympus, then invaded northern Europe to fight the gods there. Anyway, Kratos is definitely going to be judged as a bad.

2. GTA Series

The well-known and scandalous series of Rockstar has a huge fan base around the world. Perhaps this name also revealed a bit of game content, as the game allows us to “naughty” in a large map. The characters in the game are not only criminals but also very dangerous.

3. Dungeon Keeper

This is an RPG of EA. The game was first released in 1997 for the Windows 95 operating system. The content of the game is not too complicated when the player will have to defend a prison from the organization superheroes, the real superheroes.

You are thinking “why?” Because in this prison are the monsters that will help you conquer the whole earth and this is also your goal in this interesting game.

4. Manhunt

Manhunt, the most controversial game in history, was developed by Rockstar, a gaming company that has become so well known for its many violent games in the interactive entertainment world. Unlike the “products” that follow the pure action above, Manhunt is a game with a style of “sneaky action combined with psychological horror.” You start feeling curious about it right?

Manhunt brings players to a dark and haunted world where their characters will use “every way” and “everything” to kill enemies. The reward for players is the rating from 1 to 5 stars, based on how the player performs and the time of completion. It seems that our main character is not very good at all.

5. Overlord

The name of the game says it all, you will play as a demon lord and you will lead your monster army to invade the world. A good example of a bad character in a video game.However, the feeling that the game brings you will be great. Trust me!

6. Black & White

An interesting game that allows players to choose between good guys or bad guys. If you choose to become a good guy, the game will have a very common context with the content is “Heroes help people.”But the game will become much more attractive if you choose to become bad, because you know, sometimes you “naughty” a little, you will feel more comfortable.

7. Prototype

In Prototype, the player controls Alex Mercer, who has spread a virus in New York, and that process has given him incredible strength. The desire for revenge and new power made Alex blind. He smashed, causing chaos wherever he came, to find out the truth.

In fact, Alex is not a good guy. He killed people for his own purpose. Worse, he “absorbs” people just to have a little knowledge. The game itself describes Alex as a psychopath, a type of “madman who hates people blindly, because of the autism spectrum disorder, he looks at everything through sick eyes.”


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