Speedify review: A unique VPN

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A lot of people have numerous ways to be online nowadays. Not only by working with different devices but also by consuming specific connections, such as a network of home and a mobile provider’s 3G or a 4G network. The Speedify comes from Connectify put an effort to dictate this phenomenon with a particular feature called channel bonding that mix various internet connections to lead to users’ experience quicker and more trustworthy. To get to know more about this unique VPN, take your time to read this Speedify review.

Speedify app aims to universally approach. This means that this application is working with the identical interface whether users are on the desktop, laptop or smart mobile devices. That type of flexibility is good for newcomers. However, it also makes some benefits trade-offs on PCs. A good news to say is that PC users are able to maximize the window to disclose a pane UI (user interface), which minors a bit more PC-Like still less in case that it is not the most productive use of UI space.

When Speedify is accessed for the first time, users will be able to see a plain panel displaying their device’s available internet connections, and approving if they are connected to the VPN or not. Under that, there is an area for a series of charts displaying information like the current connection speed, daily as well as monthly usage, together with ongoing network inactivity and packet loss.

Through this Speedify review, you are able to realize that the application actually sounds concluding that you are just about to have the intention of connecting to a specific nation since reaching to Speedify’s different places is not so clear and exact. In place of a drop-down menu or a way to click on the category displaying your locale, what you need to do is to click on the setting gear.

Starting from that point, you are able to take a look at the several different neighborhoods. By default, the VPN Speedify links to the most quick server in sight. However, you are able to select automatically associate to a server that lets you enable torrents. On the other hand, the nation list is right under that letting you pick out from the service’s 33 country-level regions.

Speedify review – Basic operation and available modes: Traveling through the odds and ends of the settings there aren’t many additional in here. By default, Speedify is decided to link to connections when you turn on the application below Setting > Session > Connect at Startup. Speedify also enables a “not needed or useful mod” that delivers all your Internet traffic over both connections, which is expected to enhance reliability. The app also offers the ability to select UDP or TCP for the network protocol. By default, it is arranged to auto-run.

Speedify review – Channel bonding performance: We did the experiments a bit separately this time because channel bonding is not a simple thing with this VPN. At first, we execute basic PC experiments on a sole connection across ethernet to detect the core performance of the VPN service. After that, we investigate once again via Wi-Fi. We are not really interested in doing this because it announces more changing than an Ethernet-based experiment does.

In case of this, notwithstanding, Speedify’s target is on mobile devices so wireless is the primary method people are able to use work with this VPN service. Then, a USB tethered 4G telephone connection is added to the PC experiment, and operate the test once again using Speedify’s automatic channel bonding. In the original experiment, we realize that Speedify was not especially quick scoring around 23 percent of the speed of download. That is close to the slowest speed that we have ever seen.


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