Top Underrated DS Games

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Although the appearance of Nintendo’s latest handheld is attracting lots of gamers, some of the top underrated DS games still become a favorite nowadays. Indeed, it’s been more than 10 years since Nintendo launched its first Nintendo DS, or “Dual Screen,” creating a great platform with tons of awesome games.

And the underrated games on our list below are known as gems that you shouldn’t miss for sure. Even, they are still playable on the 3DS.

Sounds fantastic, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s discover them now!

Top underrated DS games to consider

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is described as a great detective game. Moreover, the storytelling in this game is excellent so that you feel like you’re truly here.

Kyle Hyde, a former member of the New York Police Department, was looking for his missing partner, named Brian Bradley. On his search, he came to a rustic hotel, Hotel Dusk, where he found that this place is related to his partner’s disappearance. And your primary task is to support him to interact with items in the environment, talk to guests and workers to explore unexplained stories, and solve puzzles.

If you prefer mysterious novel games with a bit of discovering, make sure not to miss Hotel Dusk – Room 215.

Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue talks about a man and a woman. Both get stuck on an abandoned island and at the same time try to survive and escape from there. As the leading player, you need to help them discover this island alone or together and try to find ways or clues to get away.

Besides, you have to pay attention to surviving bars since they represent your characters’ health. Note that climbing ledges or cliffs decrease the bar by 1 point. And when the bar is low, you cannot run anymore. Hence, if either one of them reaches 0, the game will be over instantly.

So, be careful!

Pokémon Conquest

Amongst a prominent series of Pokémon games, Pokémon Conquest is one of the top underrated DS games that you cannot miss for sure. Instead of enjoying a 1v1 gameplay, this game highlights a strategy RPG element that is not present in any series. And your primary task is to establish links with your Pokémon and maximize them out to enhance their stats.

Elite Beat Agents

A group of Japanese men with elegant suits are performing funky dance moves in Elite Beat Agents with the aim of motivating others through dancing songs and saving the world.

At first sight, this concept might sound ridiculous, yet entirely unique and hilarious. You’re called in to support people from all over the world by sending the power of music and manly dances. Let’s hit notes on the screen and enjoy particular songs such as Sk8er Boi from Avril Lavigne, September from Earth, Wind, and Fire, and so on!

Dance with multiple songs in order to blast a meteor out of the sky with the last burst of funk energy! Believe that you can complete it perfectly! Just try, and you will know!

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

If you’re a fan of the Zero Escape series, you will instantly turn your attention after playing 999.

As a type of escape room game, 999 will send you in a deserted cruise liner with 9 people from various backgrounds and age groups. And all are forced to play a game, called the Nonary game, to save their life.

With thousands of puzzles to challenge your brain, this game truly acts as a visual novel and highlights decisions that result in one of six different endings depending on your choice. And there are lots of turns and twists in the story that might surprise you.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

Continue discovering another intense puzzle game of Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 and carry out a speedy virtual surgery as a hospital surgeon. After the first releases on DS and Wii, this second version boasts an improvement and a great conclusion to the original storyline.

Your task is to fight against G.U.I.L.T, a dangerous human-made virus, that comes in strains and is expanded through bioterrorism. With improved gameplay and graphics as well as more characters, you can experience lots of intense and interesting things.

Indeed, our 6 top underrated DS games are subjective. However, we received positive comments from lots of gamers that they rather enjoy all the suggested names.

So, why are you still hesitant? Pick up one and try to play all to find the best-underrated DS game. Be happy!

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